• Improve the “expectations gap” between what colleges expect and what high schools deliver by engaging participating high school STEM students in critical thinking teaching methods to include inquiry-based instruction, problem-based strategies, project-based learning, active engagement, collaborative learning, multi-sensory instruction, and Socratic methods.
  • Increase the capacity of undergraduate workforce pipeline ready to pursue graduate STEM disciplines and research of compelling importance to the Navy.
  • Increase the capacity of the workforce pipeline for quality, diverse candidates for HBCU/MI’s and current Navy programs
  • Increased recruitments of top students for HBCU/MI STEM programs
  • Increased retention of students at the minority serving institutions
  • Keep cohort attrition at no more that 15 percent for each of the (3) years
  • Incorporate tracking system to determine reasons for attrition
  • Increase the production of college-ready students to decrease need for college entrance remedial programs.