The Navy Next Generation Outreach and Recruitment Initiative (AGORA) project is aimed at strengthening the workforce pipeline by inspiring, engaging, and educating the next generation of scientists and engineers in hands-on, research-based learning experiences that employ critical thinking teaching methods to include inquiry-based instruction, problem-based strategies, project-based learning, active engagement, collaborative learning, multi-sensory instruction, and Socratic Method.

The AGORA project would engage 45 FSU undergraduate students; 150 (50 annually) underrepresented high school students; six (6) Master high school STEM teachers; two (2) FSU scientific method research professors; and 75 parents for the three-year project. A new cohort of 50 ninth grade students will be recruited annually for the Cyber on Saturday Academy, and a subset of 25 high-ability AGORA participants will be recruited each year to participate in a Research Innovation Summer “Bridge” Camp. The Research Innovation Summer “Bridge” Camp will provide high school students with early opportunities to participate in research projects and engage in cyber security competitions, as well as an on-campus college experience. Each high school student will receive a notebook computer on loan to complete AGORA assignments.

By working under the supervision of FSU research professors, the participating undergraduate students will be prepared to proficiently conduct research at the Navy National Laboratories each summer. At the end of year one, 10 undergraduate students will be prepared to conduct research at the Navy National Laboratories; 15 at the end of year two; and 20 at the end of year three.